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Предлагаем вашему вниманию, уникальный тур вглубь зеленого острова Мадагаскар! В данном путешествии у вас будет возможность познакомиться с флорой и фауной этих мест, совершить поход на каяках и, при желании, погрузиться в воды Индийского океана с аквалангом.

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Company Wild Dog Expeditions and Safaris, organizes tailor-made expeditions and safaris to Africa, countries of South America and Oceania. We blend a diverse and routine-free approach with comfort and qualitative service.
We deepen and expand our experience in organizing the tourist routes year after year. As a result, tailor-made tours to exotic countries offered by us will meet the expectations and interests of the most exigent travelers.
Climb the peaks of the Andes, stroll through the sand dunes of Namibia, visit the African tribes and American Indians, experience the extreme expeditions to the most outstanding places of our planet and participate in safaris in the national reserves of Africa with us. It is a unique opportunity to encounter the famous “Big 5” of wild animals in their natural habitat. For independent explorers of the vast savannas we offer the Self Drive African safari. Moreover, each route, offered by us, had been tailored and repeatedly used by our company specialists. We value each tourist and strive to organize its vacation in Africa, South America and Oceania in such a way, when every travel day brings new pleasant impressions. We value the full of enthusiasm testimonials of our clients of different age, who had experienced the most unforgettable exotic countries vacation. Though our expeditions and safaris are very diverse, they have something in common.


Visit to pygmies

pygmySembé settlement is a place untouched by civilization, with no decent roads or any administration available. You can reach it by washed out forest road provided you have a tough off-road vehicle and advanced driving skills. En route you drive by traditional small villages of tiny mud houses.  That’s the path of pygmies – one of the most fascinating tribes, attracting both researchers and tourists. Only the most initiative tourists can manage to see it in person, though. Prior to the season of rains the tribe migrates to other places and one has to put much effort into their search – it requires asking the locals and a good knowledge of surroundings.


Safari photography tips

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This article offers you 11 basic tips for travelers interested in quality photos of their African safari.


African safari myths



Some tourists come to Africa with a preconceived opinion, based on views of others. Amazing how many people allow them selves to consult on such a thing as African safari, but as we start asking them questions, the fact they have never been to Africa, reveals. Their opinion is based on information they saw or heard on television, from relatives, etc.
Let us introduce you the TOP-10 myths about African safari ever heard by us along with the facts on how it looks in reality.


The Big Five

07Many tourists while tailoring their African safari look at the chance of encountering the African Big Five as their prime goal. Many believe the safari is not a success without having met the Buffalo, Elephant, Lion, Leopard and Rhinoceros.

Let’s discuss this topic.



Self Drive Safari - what is it?

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There are two main types of safari – a Self Drive safari and a guided safari.
Self Drive means that you are a driver, co-driver and a ranger in one person, driving your own or a rental car by yourself.
If you love adventures and don't mind to rival the Mother Nature, the Self Drive safari is for you.